Error downloading anaconda

Installing and setting up FaceSwap

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Error downloading anaconda

Post by batkov »

Don't really know what is the problem here, i don't have conda nor python; the following appears when i try to install faceswap:

(check) CPU Supports AVX Instructions
(check) CPU Supports SSE4 Instructions
(check) Completed check for installed applications
(check) Setting up for: nvidia
Downloading Miniconda3...
Error Downloading Miniconda3
Install Aborted


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Re: Error downloading anaconda

Post by torzdf »

If there was an error downloading Miniconda, then there is an issue with your connection to the Anaconda site. This may be temporary, or it may be permanent.

If the issue persists: download and install Miniconda3 manually, and then point the faceswap installer at your Miniconda location when prompted.

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