Alignments for faces at angles

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Alignments for faces at angles

Post by Fubared »


This may be dumb question / suggestion but......

We know the aligner struggles with side on faces and to a lesser degree faces from above and below (depending on the angle).

Is there or could there be way to either:
-Highlight these faces (or any misaligned fr that matter) in manual mode and then reprocess / re-extract only these highlighted / misaligned faces in a more RAM / GPU /AI intensive or slower manner to improve the alignments before a final manual realignment?

-Highlight cerain faces as "side on", "from below" or "from above" in manual mode and again reprocess, but the AI knows to use an adjusted landmark template, for each of these highlighed angles?

I appriciate this is likley not a simple task, but you never know


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Re: Alignments for faces at angles

Post by martinf »

It appears that the 'roll' filter tosses out some faces that are very tilted, but that are still fairly frontal views. Might be wrong on that.

It would be NICE to have a function that instructs the extractor to find a face - period. Like saying "Hey... I can see the face clear as day... at least make a stab at it and return me SOMETHING. Pick the closest thing to a face you can find, please."

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