Minimizing Zoom/Black space

Extracting faces for training and converting
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Minimizing Zoom/Black space

Post by TheNihilust »

I’ve checked the forums and FAQS so I’m fairly confident I haven’t seen this answered: when extracting is there a setting that can minimize the number of faces detected that are zoomed out and filled with negative (black) space? What I mean is that it will take a fairly normal face, zoom out, and then fill the negative space with black. Any thoughts?

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Re: Minimizing Zoom/Black space

Post by deephomage »

You can minimize the number of false-positive face detections by setting a minimum detection size in pixels using the slider in the extract tab in the GUI. (e.g. 100 or more). But use the minimum size option with caution and check your results carefully. If you're having issues with "zoomed-out" faces, use the sort tool. Choose sort by face and it's then a simple matter to eliminate unwanted faces from a scene, based upon the face groupings.

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Re: Minimizing Zoom/Black space

Post by torzdf »

Not built in, No.

The black space is where the face goes out of frame. You could probably run a script which checks the amount of black in a face image and does something with any faces that are found, but this is unlikely ever to be added to Faceswap.
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