Alignments file does not exist and '_training_o' Error

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Alignments file does not exist and '_training_o' Error

Post by joenutter »

Good day people I hope you're having a wonderful day, because I haven't.

I am a beginner at this software and I'm interested to learn more. I was currently having my first project and following this video tutorial with keen attention to details ( however, I was stuck in the Training phase due to:

04/04/2021 21:37:26 ERROR Caught exception in thread: '_training_0'
04/04/2021 21:37:26 ERROR Alignments file does not exist: `D:\Creative Softwares\faceswap projects\faceswap project DELTA\source\base extracts\alignments.fsa`

Now, I've done my research with lowering batch file size and disabling Penalized Mask Loss under Model settings to no avail. Please assist me with this, I am very eager to finish my very first Faceswap project. Thank you Faceswap Community!

I will drop my PC Specs just in case it helps with dealing with the problem of mine.


Intel i5-6600
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
Corsair 16GB Vengeance LPX
Seasonic 520/620w PSU

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Re: Alignments file does not exist and '_training_o' Error

Post by torzdf »

Make sure your software is up to date. Alignments file has not been required for training for a while.

If you are, please provide the full crash report from your Faceswap folder.

Finally, make sure you read the guides in each of the forums. Whilst that video is ok for an overview, the guides are far more thorough.

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