Exclude GPU working in opposite function

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Exclude GPU working in opposite function

Post by bba20 »

I installed my old videocard in my extra slot for other work and tried to exclude it from being used by faceswap. But when I click the checkmark, task manager shows that faceswap is using my older card for training. Likewise it did the same with my newer card when I clicked the checkmark to exclude it. When I click both checkmarks it defaults to cpu.

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Re: Exclude GPU working in opposite function

Post by torzdf »

Thanks for the report.

I'm not sure there is much we can do about this, sadly. We talk to the Nvidia driver directly to get information about connected GPUs. The Nvidia driver will return each connected GPU in a particular order (which is what dictates GPU0, GPU1 etc). We then use this identifier to tell Tensorflow to exclude a certain GPU.

It looks like TF doesn't necessarily honour the order that Nvidia reports GPUs, but we can't check this as we have to exclude any unwanted GPUs prior to initializing tensorflow in any way.

In the meantime you'll just need to make a mental note that the order of GPUs is reversed.

I have added a Bug tag to this post, to remind me to look for a solution to this if I get some time.

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