model performance evaluation

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model performance evaluation

Post by omaarwaell »

i have chosen my model to be dfl h128 and i have trained it for 30+ hours on my extracted faces and i am using this for my bachelor project and i want to write the results section so how can i evaluate my model performance like the accuracy and this stuff thanks in advance

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Re: model performance evaluation

Post by torzdf »

I'm not really sure what you are asking.... How can you evaluate how accurate a swap is? If so, you can't. There are no real world 'swapped face' examples for you to compare against. You can only compare true vs generated for A>A or B>B. Not for A>B

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Re: model performance evaluation

Post by algeron »

One way to do it is to export all swapped faces and all B-faces to the same folder, then use the Sort tool in faceswap to group faces by identity. The more swapped faces get grouped with B-faces, the higher the accuracy. (at least from the tool's perspective)

There are undoubtedly better ways to do it, but this should at least give you a starting point.

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