Issues With Convert

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Issues With Convert

Post by TateCh.05 »

I ran the extraction, a bit of the training and tried the conversion and I can't seem to get a proper video output on the conversion. My training process went about 5h 30mins before crashing, leaving me with 2 fsa files and 2 iteration files, one with 25,000 and the other with 50,000.

I tried running the conversion but it gave me a "Penalized Mask Loss has been selected but you have not chosen a Mask to use. Please select a mask or disable Penalized Mask Loss."

To change this, I turned off the penalized mask loss off and it ran but skipped all the files because there was "No Alignment Found". The end result was just the original video that we started with.

If I turn the penalize mask loss back on, it doesn't find the mask. What should I be doing to fix this?

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Re: Issues With Convert

Post by torzdf »

I literally have no idea what you have done here. The penalized mask loss message should not appear on a trained model for conversion, it will only appear during training.

Check all your paths are correct.

Re: alignments file for convert, read the guide pinned at the top of this forum. It is covered.

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