Swap Model to convert From A->B to B->A

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hasam Khalid
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Swap Model to convert From A->B to B->A

Post by hasam Khalid »


I am trying to swap the model by passing -s argument, but the output gives the original mp4 file in return.
In short, the swap model does not swap.
The commad i am running,

This works ( A -> B)

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python faceswap.py convert -i output/00099.mp4 -o output/ -m output/mo -al output/AA/alignments.fsa -w ffmpeg

This does not work ( B -> A)

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python faceswap.py convert -i output/00094.mp4 -o output/ -m output/mo -al output/BB/alignments.fsa -w ffmpeg -s

(NOTE) I am using the respective alignments for video when i'm doing B->A.

Video 1 : 00099.mp4 ==> output/AA/alignments.fsa
Video 2 : 00094.mp4 ==> output/BB/alignments.fsa

The conversion says successful but the output converted video is the same and the original video.

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Re: Swap Model to convert From A->B to B->A

Post by torzdf »

Swap model definitely works.

Most likely the faces are missing from the file 00094.mp4. Double check them with the manual tool

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