Curious Question Regarding Alignments in Convert

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Curious Question Regarding Alignments in Convert

Post by ianstephens »

Hi there,

We have 8K source videos and have extracted all alignments from the source video along with our training faces.

When converting it's almost impossible to run at 8K-->8K.

So we tried 8K-->4K (50%) output scale. This works better but it gets to a point where it runs out of memory - as if there is not a complete garbage collection going on somewhere.

But the real question I wanted to ask is... we have extracted the alignments from an 8K input video. If we downscaled the source video to 4K before convert (using ffmpeg) - could these alignments be used on the 4K video? Or do we need to re-run the downscaled 4K version through extraction afresh?

Thank you for your tips, help, and suggestions.

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Re: Curious Question Regarding Alignments in Convert

Post by torzdf »

You could probably write a script that updates the alignments to a different frame size (or inject some code which does the calculation). There is no automatic way to do this though.

I would need to look into the running out of memory issue. That shouldn't happen (although admittedly i have not tested at those resolutions)

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Re: Curious Question Regarding Alignments in Convert

Post by deephomage »

Hey ianstephens, how much RAM does your PC have? I've extracted faces from 4K footage before, with 64 Gb. of RAM and an RTX 2080ti (11 Gb. VRAM). S3fd is resource-intensive, and 4K extract is going to be slow,

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