conversion fails, missing alignments

Converting source frames into swapped frames
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conversion fails, missing alignments

Post by siliconunit »


I am trying to run a conversion, but I'm a bit stuck, I think what confuses me in general is the alignments management,
I have got 5 input A videos, 4 input B videos, I extracted in different ways (don't remember the settings for each), FS creates different alignment files, but in input folder A I have got only one alignment file, while in input B I got 4 different alignment files.
When I run the convert section it asks me to pick the alignment file for input A, but as I only have 1 alignment file (don't know why)and it's not the correct one and it complains every frame of missing alignment data (also when I extract I do like every 30 frames, so there will be still missing data as it seems to want every frame?).

The preview tools works though, I can see a correct swap. But the output of the convert displays mostly the original video with occasional swaps.

I think what confuses me is that there is no 'build' option in the alignment tool to just regenerate the file? Also should I regen it with the exact same settings I've used to train the model? Or it doesn't matter?



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Re: conversion fails, missing alignments

Post by deephomage »

You need an alignments file for the faces in the destination clip you want to use for the swap. If you're confused as to which alignments file corresponds to the destination clip you want to use, then the easiest solution is to re-extract the faces the from destination clip you want to use and save the alignments file in a location that you can easily remember.

Then to convert, specify the location of the alignments file, the clip or the extracted images, the output folder, the model directory, the trainer and the aligned faces folder.

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Re: conversion fails, missing alignments

Post by JTheSpyder »

Hi, I´ve got a similar problem
I finished training after ca. 15 hours and there were nop problems so far. Then when I converted I had no errors but the Output Video was also almost the same with a few frames being the face that I actually wanted to put in...The difference for my alignment folder is now that I only got one for each video that I extracted from and I tried putting all the alignment folders for both of the videos but there was either an error when it wasnt the correct file or like I said it just added a few frames from the face that I actually wanted in the new video.
Does someone know what could be my problem? Could it be that I made a mistake before while Extracting the frames from the videos/creating the alignments folders?

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Re: conversion fails, missing alignments

Post by torzdf »

You can visually check your alignments are right using the Manual Tool

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