125k Itr & 70hrs ... First One.... Yayyy

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125k Itr & 70hrs ... First One.... Yayyy

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I can't believe it ... 70 hours and 125k itr's and i just about managed to do my first one. A big thanks to this forum, including the trainer in chief torzdf , brian Lyon 7 others. Thanks guys... i feel like ive achieved something today !

I did pick a character who has a remarkable likeness to Arnie but it still worked out well for about 80% of the clip. I would really appreciate some guidance for the bits that came out very blurred. One important scene, when Arnie actually talks , it all went a bit off (blurred and super blurred).

I suspect that might be because I didnt clean up the training images enough (i'm fairly sure less than 10% of the frames were blurred). The other possibility is that i didnt have enough facial angles from the source video. Some of the other front facing angles came out perfect , there were plenty of perfect frames that were full front face that came out remarkably well)

Unfortunately, I couldn't work out how to do the masking part and the part where you need to align the face with the green lines, that bit was a bit to confusing for me (average to below average computer user) .
I want to use google cloud & use the villian setting next time so I dont burn out my GPU and hopefully do things a little faster. However, before the next job, I want to have another go of fixing this one. So any tips would be much appreciated. Many thanks for the software and the brilliant training on this page.

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