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Need DeepFake Creator

Post by visionwanda »

### Type of engagement required:
I need a plausible deepfake video - the source material is an actor in front of a camera saying things for 15 seconds. The scene can be reshot for the ease of the deepfake maker.

### Description of work required:
I need the actors face (and voice if possible) overplayed with a random unrecognizable face that’s also believable. Also would need a selfie/headshot of the face pasted onto my actors on a monotone background.

### Creator Involvement:
All materials except original video.

### Client Information:
It’s for an NFT, and I’m willing to offer 3% of the proceeds upfront for a discounted price. Up to the deepfake.

### Approved budget:
I'm counting on a $500 budget.

### Approximate time-frame for delivery:
In 1-2 weeks.

### Non-Disclosure Agreement:
Don’t disclose any info on the project for at least 3 months.

### Proof of work required:

### Scope for ongoing work:
Just the single 15 second one scene video.

### Additional Information
A showcase of your previous deepfake work would help.

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Re: Need DeepFake Creator

Post by cosmico »

I know there's a template, but a lot of the information on this request seems similar to the trof3039 request. Maybe spam? Or maybe they just copied trod3039's request because they had similar request parameters?

Well VisionWanda,
If you are a separate person,
trof3039 has not responded to my DM yet, So I'm currently open and I might be interested in your project. Check your DM's

EDIT: they responded to me, so likely not spam.