Thesis: Facial scar faceswap

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Thesis: Facial scar faceswap

Post by Eline »

For me last year Digital art & Entertainment I am doing a thesis and case study about face swapping with a scar. I would love to know some information about how achievable this is, if it is achievable. So if anyone has tested this before, I would love to hear about the results.

I was thinking about face swapping a person with no sfx scar make up at first, with that same person with sfx scar make up. Is this software capable of transferring unusual bumps on the face, or would it transfer as flat? If it does tranfer flat, what would you suggest as an alternative. As reference I picked out this image:

Thank you & warm regards,

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Re: Thesis: Facial scar faceswap

Post by bryanlyon »

Should be feasible. Though you'll need to take resolution limits into account. Makeup has been done in the past successfully.

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Re: Thesis: Facial scar faceswap

Post by torzdf »

Hmmm, I'm going to take an opposing view and say I'm not sure this would work how you would want. The model would never have seen scarring for the target face, so at best it would have to imagine what the decodings it has received means, at worst it will be a total mess.

Faceswapping trys to keep face details from your target face. For example if your target has a mole, then you would want the mole on the final face. If the original face has a mole, you would not want that on the final face. I would imagine scarring would work in much the same way.

At the very least, I would guess that you would want to train the original face with images that both have and do not have scarring so that the model learns that the scarring is not intrinsic to the face.

This is all pure speculation though.

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