Carnegie Mellon AI grad looking for GAN engineers

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Carnegie Mellon AI grad looking for GAN engineers

Post by ackprak »

Type of engagement required:

I'm open to recruiting someone full-time or part-time for my startup (in stealth).

Description of work required:

We're looking for an enthusiast excited about using deep fakes and or GANs for using state-of-the-art and new innovations towards correctional adjustments in HD video.

We'd love people with experience with docker, k8s, and cloud ML infra as well but isn't necessary. You just gotta be a good Deepfake engineer

Creator Involvement:

We will be providing media and resources

Client Information:

I'm the CPO/CTO of the business that I'm representing.

Approved budget:

Yes, there is a budget

Approximate time-frame for delivery:

6 - 12 months (full-time offer if you're amazing)

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

Yes. Since we're in stealth, we have strong NDAs

Proof of work required:

Yes. I'd love to see portfolios.

Scope for ongoing work:

This will start as a well-contained one-off project but will lead to more continuous work after the project-based probation period.

Additional Information

Our team has ML graduates from Carnegie Mellon, Professors from Stanford and advisors from the film industry. Great opportunity to work with the best of the best.

If you're interested, please schedule a time with me here: mentioning that you're from the faceswap community.