Putting markers on face

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Putting markers on face

Post by alyssacanu »

Can anything be done to the face before filming to get better detection, alignments etc? For example, wearing lipstick or drawing a line along my jawline (or wherever). Like a motion capture marker type idea. Not on the donor face obviously.

Also unrelated but I remember reading somewhere that faceswapping with AI-generated faces doesn't work (I think they were discussing faceswapping a faceswap?) Is this true, and if so, why?

Just started and having a great time so thanks for all of this!

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Re: Putting markers on face

Post by torzdf »

The neural net is trained on real faces, so artificially annotating the face prior to extraction will hinder more than it helps.

You can train with AI generated data, but it is generally not recommended (particularly with AI upscaled images). The reason being that AI upscaling introduces artefacts which may not be obviously visible to you, but will be seen by the Autoencoder, and can lead to a poor final product.

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