Problem with Model directory

Converting source frames into swapped frames
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Problem with Model directory

Post by dinarama8 »


I trained the system without any problem, but when I go to the "convert" step, I am not able as I always got this message: "Model could not be found in folder 'C:\Users\mturr\Videos\Faceswap\Prueba\Model'" . This is the model directory used in the training step, and contains:

  • original_decoder_A.h5
  • original_decoder_B.h5
  • original_encoder.h5
  • original_state.json
    and original_logs directory and several .bk files

What does it miss? What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Problem with Model directory

Post by torzdf »

Can you please post the output from the "Generate" button with your convert settings, and a screengrab of your model folder (including the address bar)

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