Manual Tool Reads Originals as Faces

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Manual Tool Reads Originals as Faces

Post by MaxHunter »

I keep getting an error on the manual tool that it contains extracted face...but they're all original pics 🤷 None of them are PNGs either (for some reason this screws up the manual tool as well.) Thoughts? Is there a way to identify the problem picture?

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Re: Manual Tool Reads Originals as Faces

Post by torzdf »

I'm not sure how to identify the actual image. However, the manual tool detects extracted faces (iirc) by reading the PNG header. If the PNG header doesn't contain faceswap information, it will load, if it does, then it will fail.

It doesn't check all the images (would take too long), I think it just checks the first image it finds.

Try again, make sure you are correct, because otherwise I'm going to have to go digging in the code to find out where the error gets raised. As this is the first report of this problem, I'm afraid that my suspicion is 'user error'

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