[Guide] Converting a DFL (DeepFaceLab) Face Set for Faceswap

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[Guide] Converting a DFL (DeepFaceLab) Face Set for Faceswap

Post by deephomage »

NB: Whilst this process should work for full face DFL face sets, it may fail for larger extractions.

DeepFaceLab stores the image alignments in each image header. To use a face set created in DFL for training a model in faceswap, you need to convert the DFL stored image alignments to an alignments.json file.

Faceswap normally creates the alignments.json file during the extraction process. But you can create an alignments.json from an existing DFL face set by opening a Windows Command prompt, changing to your faceswap root directory (usually C:\Users\[Your User Name]\faceswap) and running the command:

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python tools.py alignments -a dfl -j reformat -fc "<insert the full path to the DFL face set here>"

You can also convert the DFL alignments using the GUI:

dfl_convert.png (135.43 KiB) Viewed 10814 times


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